Digital Marketing For Bakery Business: 7+ Best Tips

Digital Marketing For Bakery Business

It’s no secret that bakery businesses are competitive. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to utilize digital marketing strategies to reach new customers and keep current ones engaged.

There are over 15,000 & 8,000 bakery businesses in India & USA respectively. Hence, it becomes important for baking businesses to focus on non-traditional methods too like digital marketing for getting orders.

So, without any fluff, let’s directly hop into the post where we’ll discuss how to leverage digital marketing for bakery business.

Why is digital marketing important for the bakery business?

There are a number of reasons why digital marketing is important for bakery businesses. Here are some of the most significant reasons:

1) Reach New Customers

One of the main benefits of digital marketing is that it enables businesses to reach a large number of potential customers. With online platforms, businesses can target people based on their location, age, gender, habits, likes/dislikes, etc.

2) 24×7 Availability

If you are running a bakery business that is open for customers only during the daytime hours of the weekdays, you are losing out on a large section of potential clients who visit your shop during the weekends or after office hours. With digital marketing, you can reach people at any time and from anywhere in the world through ads on search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook.

3) Engage Existing Customers

When you run your own bakery business, it’s not enough to provide good service. You need to build relationships with your customers so that they keep returning back to your store or café. Digital marketing gives businesses the ability to keep in touch with their customers through email marketing, social media marketing, and targeted ads.

4) Low Cost

Compared to traditional marketing methods like TV ads, radio ads, print ads, etc., digital marketing is a relatively low-cost option. This is especially beneficial for small businesses that are starting out and don’t have the budget to invest in expensive marketing campaigns.

6) Competitive Advantage

By using digital marketing, businesses can gain a competitive edge over their rivals in the market. If you are able to build up your presence on key digital channels, it will become increasingly difficult for your competitors to beat you when it comes to customer acquisition and retention.

7) Brand Building

Digital marketing also gives businesses the opportunity to build their brand online. The more people are exposed to your brand name, the easier it becomes for them to recall you when they’re in need of your products/services.

Now let’s see some strategies of Digital marketing for bakery businesses.

Strategies Of Digital Marketing For Bakery Businesses

1. Social Media Marketing

social media marketing of bakery business
FB Page of LB

One of the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers through digital media is by using social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the most popular social media sites that cater to a wide range of users. You can use these sites to share pictures and videos of your bakery products, promote special offers, build a loyal following of customers, and so on.

2. Use A Blog

bakery blog

If you already have a business website that’s focused on your bakery products or services, you can also use a blog as an integral part of your digital marketing strategy for the bakery businesses. Create relevant content using high-quality images that help customers learn more about your products and services.

3. Use Online Ads To Showcase & Promote Your Product

ppc for bakery business

The primary purpose of an advertising campaign is to create brand awareness, increase traffic to your site, and promote conversions (i.e., getting visitors to make sales or take other desired actions).

There are two main types of online ads – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Advertising (SMA). Search Engine Marketing is the process of using paid ads on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to get your business website ranked higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Social Media Advertising is the process of placing ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach out to potential customers.

Best Search Engines for bakery businesses to run ads on:

– Google

– Yahoo

– Bing

Best Social Media Platform for bakery businesses to run ads on:

– Facebook

– Twitter

– LinkedIn

4. Build A Customer Loyalty Program

Every bakery business wants repeat customers who keep returning back to the store or café to make their purchases. You can offer coupons, discounts, and other loyalty rewards to attract these customers. You can also incentivize them by offering special discounts to new subscribers who are just joining your mailing list.

Best ideas to build loyal customers for bakery businesses:

– Offer discounts on regular purchases

– Offer loyalty rewards to encourage repeat business

– Send email newsletters offering special deals, discounts, etc.

– Promote special offers on social media platforms

5. Build a digital store for your bakery products

If you want to make it easier for customers to purchase your bakery products, you can build a digital store. This will allow customers to purchase your products online and have them delivered to their doorstep. You can also use this platform to sell your products in other parts of the world.

Best eCommerce Platforms for bakery businesses:

– Shopify

– WooCommerce

6. Use Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to get feedback from your customers and learn more about their experiences with your bakery products and services. You can use this information to improve your products and services and make your business more successful.

There are a number of online review platforms that you can use, including Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. Make sure that you respond to all reviews, both positive and negative so that customers know that you’re listening to them.

7. Invite an influencer to review your bakery product

Inviting an influencer to review your bakery product will give you better exposure and show potential customers that it’s a high-quality pr authority in the online space, resulting in more conversions for your business.

Bakery businesses that use digital marketing to reach out to potential customers can see a significant increase in their sales and profits. By using the strategies we’ve mentioned above, you can create a successful digital marketing strategy for your bakery business.

8. List on Google My Business

google my business of bakery business

Google My Business is one of the best ways to get hot leads for your baking business. You can even get 10-15 daily orders if you’re able to rank your business listing on GMB.

There are many bakery shops that are already getting orders through Google My Business. If optimized well, it may take anywhere between 2-4 months to rank a listing.

If you think this sounds clumsy to you, we’re here to help you. Just book a free consultation call with us and we will let you know how we can help you in digital marketing for bakery business.

9. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or SEO could be very crucial for bakery businesses. Many people click on organic results instead of Google My Business listing and that is why search engine optimization also becomes crucial. You cannot simply leave any traffic.

To rank your website on search engines like Google and Bing, make sure you have optimized it will. You can also contact us if you need any help in optimizing your website for search engines.

Which platforms should your baking business be on and why?

– Google My Business – if you want to rank in local search results

– Facebook – because it’s the biggest social media platform and has the most active users.

– Yelp – the most popular review site for restaurants, bakery stores & cafes.

– Instagram – a visual social media platform that can be used to showcase your bakery products and services.

– Pinterest –  another visual social media platform that you can use to promote your bakery products.


Digital marketing can be a great way to reach out to new customers and increase sales for your bakery business. By using the strategies we’ve mentioned in this post, you can create a successful digital marketing strategy for your bakery business.

If you’re not sure where to start, or if you need help with your digital marketing, contact us today.

We can provide you with digital marketing services to help you increase your sales and attract new customers for your bakery business!

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