Digital Marketing For Solar Companies: 7 Working Strategy

digital marketing for solar companies

Solar Companies are the future and the idea is innovative too. Although, the demand for solar products is more on the internet rather than offline. So, it becomes very important for solar companies to focus on digital marketing to boost their sales.

Solar companies are on the rise and will continue to be on an incline. Solar technology has progressed tremendously in recent years and it will continue to be a hot commodity as people become more educated about environmentalism and the effects that fossil fuels have on our atmosphere.

Digital marketing strategies can effectively help solar companies boost their sales and generate profits. The internet is a great place to start any business because it allows one to reach a lot of people, especially if they offer something that people want or need.

There are many advantages of using digital marketing for solar companies, such as being able to get your product out there and being able to reach the right people. Unlike traditional marketing, you will be able to find the people you are looking for online in a short amount of time.

So, let’s directly hop into the strategies of digital marketing for solar companies.

Strategies of Digital Marketing For Solar Companies

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great strategy that can be used by solar companies. Content marketing is, as the name implies, a form of marketing that includes providing useful and interesting information to your potential customers.

You can make a website and then you can start posting blog posts on that particular website.
Creating useful and interesting information that is relevant to your product is crucial when you are looking to go after the right customers, people who will be interested in what you have to say.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be used to promote your solar company. The internet is a great place to promote your company because you can connect with people that are interested in what you have to offer and those people will share what you have to offer to their friends and family.

Facebook Marketing is the most popular social media marketing strategy for solar companies, where you can easily set up a Facebook group or Facebook page and then post content that will be relevant to your business or product. You can also use Facebook Ads, which allows one advertisement to potentially go out to millions of people, reaching the right amount of people in the right way.

Youtube is also a great channel for solar companies to promote their products. You can upload videos of your solar products. You will not only get organic views but you can also run Youtube ads on particular money-making videos.

3. Start Focusing on Local SEO

Local SEO is a great way to increase sales of your solar products. Local SEO is basically optimizing your site for ranking on local keywords. For example, you want to sell your solar product in Delhi, so if you’re able to rank your website on keywords like solar panels in Delhi or similar keywords, it can bring tonnes of sales for you.

Although, it’s not a simple task to rank a website, so if you want the help of experts of our team, you can simply contact us and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

4. List on Google My Business

google my business for solar companies

Google My Business is the new way for small businesses to build up their online presence, harnessing the power of search engines. Google My Business is a free business listing tool. It is a great way for a business to make an impact in the local area.

You can list your solar company on Google My Business and if your listing get ranked in Google, it can bring tonnes of hot leads and customers. There are plenty of solar companies that are already utilizing this technique to get more sales.

5. Start Running Ads for your solar product

ad for solar companies

Running advertisement on search engines can be expensive but it can give great ROI if done rightly. The best platforms for running ads of solar products are:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

You can either run ads on your informational content (on Youtube majorly) or on transactional keywords (on Google) like solar companies in ABC city. This way you can target your dream customers at a much more affordable cost.

6. Educate & Nurture Them

The first step is to educate people on the benefits of solar products. The goal of this step is to help people understand why they should buy a solar product and what they can do with it. You can also educate your potential customers about the benefits of solar energy and how it can reduce their electricity bills.

The second step is nurturing people by convincing them that you care about them and want to help them. This step will make the customer feel like they are more than just a number on a spreadsheet, and will make them feel like you care about their needs.

You can nurture your customers by helping them understand the process of going solar, from installation to maintenance, as well as how they can finance a solar system.

7. Track & Scale

It’s very important to track and analyze the data that you are getting from Google, Facebook ads, or your blog because this will help in getting more keywords and ideas about how to scale your current digital marketing effort.

Firstly, before vigorously starting your website, make sure to install Google analytics and the retargeting ad code because this will eventually help in boosting sales for your solar product.


So, this was all about digital marketing for solar companies. Solar power is a growing industry and it needs an effective digital marketing strategy to succeed.

Your solar company should focus on the target audience and then create a digital marketing strategy that solves a problem. Before, directly jumping into digital marketing for your solar company, prepare a full-proof plan first.

If you need any help with it, we will be glad to help. You can book a free consultation call and we will help you with preparing a strategy of digital marketing for solar company of yours.

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Have Any Query & Wanna Discuss It?

We’ve got your back! Contact us now and our team will call you back as soon as possible.

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