Google My Business Post Rejected Issue Solution

Google my business post rejected (solution)

As a business, it’s important to be found online. A key way to do this is by using Google My Business (GMB) listing. GMB is a free and easy-to-use tool that lets business owners manage their online presence in Google Maps and search as well. One of the most important parts of Google My Business is its post.

Google My Business posts provide an important opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers. When a Google My Business post is rejected, it can be frustrating and confusing. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances that your post will be approved.

Google My Business has evolved and Google has been introducing new features every month. But at the same time, Google My Business has been much more complex for users and business owners. 

If you’re a business owner then you must have faced a problem of Google My Business Post rejected. Ain’t it?

If yes, then read this post to get it solved. 

Reasons For Google My Business Post Rejected

Content Plagiarised 

Most of the time, this is the reason behind the rejection of Google My Business posts. If you’re using someone’s else post, or document, or even your own that has been already used on the internet, then your Google My Business posts could be rejected. 

Solution: Use unique and your own content. Don’t copy or spin other content that is already on the internet. 

Irrelevant/Non-useful Link Insertion 

If you are trying to make backlinks from Google My Business to your own website or someone else website which is not necessarily required or is irrelevant to your business, it could be rejected by Google as Google has an A.I. who can determine this and reject the posts. 

Solution: Avoid inserting links in the Google My Business Posts. There is no alternate solution for this issue. 

Unappropriate Image/Video Used In the Post

If you are using any images/videos related to sexual content, health, or any negative images or videos that could affect users. The Google Bot automatically determines these types of images/videos and instantly blocks or denies that posts. 

Also, if you’re using stock images or videos, then your posts could be denied by Google.

Solution: Do not use any negative images/videos and make unique images/videos of yours instead of copying them from the internet. 

Spam Content

Google hates spam, no matter on which platform it is being done. Google considers Misspellings, gimmicky character use, gibberish, automated or distracting content such as a blurry or poor image or video quality, unrecognizable content, and phishing scam posts as spam content thus, it rejects them. 

Solution: Make sure to check your post quality. Adhering to the above rules is very important and do not use any gimmicky or spammy content in your Google My Business post. 

Adding Phone Number, URL, Address In the Post

This is not a very common issue. Most of the time you won’t face any rejection if you are adding these things to your Google My Business post. 

 But if you’re adding a contact number, URL, and address in your Google My Business posts, then most probably you’re trying to build a citation from your post. 

But let me tell you the truth. These citations don’t affect ranking. I have tried these citation-building techniques and these don’t work anymore. 

Solution: Do not add this stuff to your post. But still, if you want to do so, make sure that your post is long enough and has some quality. 


If you have not done any of the above things but still your Google My Business post is rejected, then most probably it is due to the Google My Business A.I. bug that Google is experiencing. Google has also accepted this and is working towards solving it. 

Solution: There is no solution for this. Just wait until Google solves it or contact the support team. 

Google Business Profile Post Rejected: Conclusion

If your Google My Business post (now called as Google My Business post) is rejected then follow the guidelines of Google and solve the issues stated above. Your Google My Business post rejected issue will be solved for sure.

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